Desig becomes space

The wide selection of brands in store makes Midahome the perfect place to combine ideas and solutions suited to any planning requirements, without sacrificing the individuality of those who live these spaces. Here at Midahome you can choose between exclusive products and brands that are landmarks of the Italian and international interior design. The best trends are sorted out by the clear and attentive eye of the team, and transferred with professionalism into your projects.

Designing spaces

We look out into the world of designing spaces in a simple way, yet with more advanced systems and simplicity, and attention to details. From the design of relaxing spaces such as bathroom furnitures, to the living area where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and loved ones, to the design of the kitchen space, which represents the inner core of the house.

Bathroom furniture design

Attention to the design formula, innovation in the field of bathroom furniture, selection of fine materials and design of custom-made solutions made according to the different demands of space and style. Several proposals suited for different solutions to create more enjoyable moments of relaxation.

Furnishing accessories

Furnitures tell who we are and how we live. Discover a wide range of furnishing accessories to choose among the best brands in the market, from the colorful textures, to the timeless classic ones. From industrial style to contemporary… colors, shapes and materials created according to the customer’s preferences.